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LED Bulbs

As an electrician I have more than 20 years of experience in the lighting field and have installed all types of lighting; it would seem wasteful if I didn’t offer my knowledge in this field.

Over the years I had become more conscious of power being used by light sources, and started using compact fluorescents in my home to save on my electric bill, I was not completely happy as there were some issues with the flickering and the warm up period before getting to full brightness, but I was saving money.

I started doing research on compact fluorescents to see if these problems were going to be fixed, and during my searches I came across LED light bulbs. The first advertisements for LED bulbs were that they were instant on and they did not flicker, also they claimed to use even less electricity. I became interested in what I saw and began new research on LED bulb technology, I had wondered what problems they had and why were not using these instead of incandescent and fluorescent. The first thing I noticed was there high price, but this was justified by their extremely long life span, the average LED bulb could burn for 50,000 hours, 25 times longer then incandescent and 6 times longer than a fluorescent. I also learned that these bulbs were being used all over Europe so how bad could they be.

I decided to get some various LED bulbs, and try them out in different locations in my home, they were difficult to get and most of them being made were for the European market. I had trouble getting the right bases on the LED bulbs that would fit American sockets. I did however finally get my new LED bulbs and tried them out, they were instant on and did not flicker, but I did find other problems that needed to be addressed. I had already decided to sell these bulbs to my customers from my electrical business, but I was not going to sell them something I was not totally happy with.

The basic Led bulb that replaces our A-19 was fine, but the replacements for PAR flood bulbs fell short, they were great as spot bulbs but they were not able to make a full spread of light that incandescent flood bulbs could do. This was a major problem as we generally use flood bulbs in America. I then came across a LED par bulb with a prismatic lens, and after trying this one I was pleased to see they had solved this problem, they now had a LED par flood bulb. Another problem they first had was they did not work on dimmers, but this to has changed and most of the new LED bulbs are now dimmable.

I now had LED bulbs that could be sold to my customers, but this was just going to be the beginning, I decided to reach out via the Internet and sell LED bulbs to anyone who would use them. I guess everyone needs a cause and this was going to be mine. Through further research I found that in America we use coal to produce 90% of our electricity, and that the burning of coal is destroying our health and our planet, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could arrest this problem? Or at least slow it down.

I designed this website to make it easy to replace the bulbs you are using now with LED equivalent bulbs. There will be an easy explanation and sometimes part number for the bulbs being replaced.

We often are waiting for some new technology to better our lives and save our planet, well here it is, the LED light bulb, a light source that uses one-tenth the power of incandescent and half the power of fluorescent.

Remember when you change a bulb to LED you cause a chain reaction, you lessen the amount of coal being burned, which clears the air we breathe and the water we drink, that gives a future to our planet and our children.


LED light using binoculars to find LED bulbs.

Most incandescent light bulbs have an LED light bulb counterpart available. I have the most popular ones listed on my website, but if you have a particular bulb that you are not able to find, then let me find it for you!

Send me as much information as you can and a picture of the bulb you are trying to replace, and I will find what you need and quote you a price.